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  • 1. How do you want to leave the world better than you found it?
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Bold Steps
shared so far

Tammy's Use my poetry to influence how people think.
Derrick 's construction
Simpson's Educate young black men on the challenges
Lee's educate about the dangers of overpopulation
Sheila's Be Successful
Marilyn's Help people to help themselves
Shannon's Mentoring program for survivors of abuse,add
Jules's Positively Motivated AlWAYS in RIGHT THING
Pierre's To make it to a next level
Pierre's To make it to a new level
Pierre's To make it to a new level
Maria's Help at a soup kitchen
Don's Hospital
Raymond's Work For AIDS/HIV Prevention, End The Stigma
Raymond's Work For AIDS/HIV Prevention, End The Stigma
Catherine's Help people in need
Tj's Helping the homeless
Glenn's tutor mathematics
Christina's Help the poor in other countries
Nao's Take care for people
Sheila's To help people and let them not hurt
Jackie's Help make a someone’s life a little easier
Darren's Mma trainer
Liliana's Help other people
Haley 's Clean up
Maggie's empowering people, help people feel good abo
Helen's Help the hungary and homeless
Robert's Write a book
Nancy's tutor students in english
Monica's Improve quality of life for the greater good
Devin's Become a Humanitarian
Hassan khan's explore a passion
Donna's talent
Christian's gramma school
Emerald's Soup kitchen
Scott's Giving
Michelle's Help others
Sue's tutoring
Autumn's to help give homes to people who need them
Autumn's to tutor teens how to stay drug free
Mike's Start a brewery
Shambreisha's helping the sick and elderly
Debra's Working with animals
Kate's Help kids in need.
Jeff's Tutor high school student in American histor
Burt's work with animals
Dell davila 's help my country and others
Terry's help disabled peple play sports
Sudip's Take my soccer training to the next level.
Franklin's Get me and my kids involved with helping oth
Laura's volunteer at a soup kitchen
Gloria's Help kids in need
Stephen's Aids Awareness
Sherri's to gain some confidence and achieve a goal
Stephanie's volunteer in soup kitchen
Stephanie's take a dance class
Christopher's Create a mobile app to gather community data
Latoya's Shape it!
Al's Help with basic electronics
Geneva's Giving my time to those in need
Lisa's Help animals
Steve's help veterans
Lisa's Volunteer at a homeless shelter
Beth-ann's To share my passion for creativity
Carol's Church helper
Lynn's make quilts
Nancy's Help people with daily life struggles
Bashirjon's help to villege
Luz 's Nursing
Sandra's Teaching adults
Erica's Sing Bilingual Gospel Songs
Whitney's Becoming the upstander and not bystander
Malika danie's become a manager
Shelley's take care of old people
Adrienne's Give to a charity
A's give to a charity
James's helping the elderly
Mr.bin's To help poor people
Mij's immediate clean from drugs through wealth
Carolyn's mentoringstudents
Nathan 's Butcher a pig and then cook it over a fire
Marcia's Helping with special needs horseback riding
Sandra's Working with animals
Lou's Provide healthcare for those in need.
Suzanne's help feed homeless
Maggie's Help the homeless with food and shelter
Suman's Help in hospital
Amy's art
Delilah's Teaching kids to be great leaders
Lorraine's Volunteer over seas to care for sea turtles
Christine's helping others
Vanessa's survive thanksgiving
Ally's help underprivledged children
Allyson's serve on THanksgiving
Steve's Help in a soup kitchen
Diana's To start a new business
Nancy's children of domestic violence
Cita's help the homeless
Larie's take care of animals that need help

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